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OKB TRIO – The Ing

OKB TRIO 0J0G -1801

Oscar Perez – piano; Kuriko Tsugawa – bass; Brian Woodruff – drums 

Reviewed by Derek Ansell

Pianist Oscar Perez, bassist Kuriko Tsugawa and drummer Brian Woodruff make up the OKB trio using their initials to name their combo. Perez has a bold attack at the keyboard and he is shadowed faithfully throughout this release by bass and drums. The opening Welcome Song is a catchy melody by drummer Woodruff. After that they go into I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter which is played in a bouncy manner by the pianist with some bright rhythmic interjections by Woodruff and solid bass lines from Kuriko. This pianist plays in a full keyboard style, filling up all the holes in a robust but attractive manner. Ms Tsugawa’s bass is strong and she gets a big fat sound on both accompaniment and solo. Brian Woodruff fits into this combo style very well with free flowing rhythms and a rugged solo style. They obviously mesh together very well throughout and sound as though they have worked together for some time.

I Remember You is one of four standards that the group use to good effect and there are original compositions from all three trio members. The three have fun with High Heel Sneakers, bouncing along playfully and digging out individual solos that are interesting and fresh. Their names suggest a Brazilian pianist, a Japanese bassist and an Anglo Saxon drummer but that is just speculation on my part judging by their names. All I know for sure is that they are individually very good and they work in tandem to make up a well- integrated and musical jazz trio. This is a lively, varied and enjoyable jazz trio and the disc can be safely recommended.

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Kari Gaffney

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