Jazz Blues Magazine reviews Troy Roberts & Tim Jago “Best Buddies”

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Troy & Tim Jazz Blues Magazine
Ron Weinstock of Jazz Blues Magazine reviews Troy Roberts & Tim Jago‘s “Best Buddies,” Weinstock says; ” It captures four similar attuned musicians putting together some marvelous performances. The album is in a post-bop style, with the theme being the performance of contrafacts (a new melody composed over the existing harmonic structure of various well known jazz standards). Like Roberts’ prior recording, this is a hard swinging recording that opens with a take-off on “I Got Rhythm,” “Chythm Ranges.” Both play with authority on this barn burner performance, and Jago’s horn-like single note runs complement Roberts, robust, fiery lines. The title track is an appealing number inspired by Benny Golson’s “Stablemates.” It is played at a lazy tempo, with Roberts further showcasing his big sound, set against Jago’s comping. The quartet explores “A New Porpoise,” a contrafact of “Green Dolphin Street.” Bassist Florisson lays down the foundation for this track with Jago displaying his technical facility and invention in his solo. “Pho Twenny” is derived from “I’ll Remember April” and a showcase for Roberts’ exquisite ballad playing. Based on “My Heart Belongs To Daddy,” “King of Hearts” is a jazz waltz with a Coltrane-esque feel with its groove with Vanderwal’s channeling Elvin Jones. There is a
fugue-like quality in the interplay between Roberts and Jago throughout “Halfway House In C Major,” which is derived from Cole Porter’s “What Is This Thing Called Love.” A heated “Overlook,” a contrafact of “My Shining Hour,” closes this album. Roberts develops a thematic improvisation over the rhythm section’s blistering tempo, followed by concise solos from Jago, Florisson,
and Vanderwal. It is another first-rate performance. The other tracks are of a similarly high standard. With inspired compositions and superb playing, “Best Buddies” is simply an outstanding recording.”
Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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