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Tabor’s original and the title track is especially pleasing, she lyrically portrays the modern woman, who must handle many subjects on the run, all the while pursuing her dreams at the same time.  Tabor’s voice is commanding, filled with blues inflections and deeply swinging grooves.  Her ensemble is up to the task supporting and highlighting the vocalist in a respectful group sound.

Another tune you don’t see often on albums is the track “Tight,” featured on Jazzmeia Horn’s album Social Call, Tabor has a bluesier take on this classic Better Carter tune. The tune like Carter’s reading is short and sweet and to the point, and Tabor’s rendition is respectful and eloquently natural.  Tabor cannot help but to be soulful, which deepens the delivery of the tune.

The Seattle scene seems to be filled with great jazz vocalists, ranging in style and approach.  One thing rings true, each uniquely has a voice that is singularly theirs. No replicates or “sounds like” here, just honest artistry that speaks for itself.  Tabor is certainly in that group and ranks to my ears towards the top of that list.  The Lady in the Gown is a step forward in the discography for Tabor, and a lasting calling card of the deepening of her sound.



Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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