Jack Kilby is reviewed by O’s Place Jazz Newsletter

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by D. Oscar  Groomes | O’s Place Jazz Newsletter

Jack Kilby   –   Love is a Song Anyone Can Sing

O’s Notes: Jack Kilby is a drummer, producer and arranger. The Front Line is his band including composer Charles Owens (t-sax), John D’Earth (t), Elad Cohen (tb), Allyn Johnson (p) and Kris Monson (b). After a warm intro by vocalist Micah Robinson, they spring into a bouncy swinging groove on the title track with rich brass harmonies that reoccur throughout the session. We enjoyed timeless classics like “Pure Imagination”, “Sensitive Like Ladies” and “A Tribute To Someone”. These are just a few of many solid selections that make Love Is A Song Anyone Can Sing an enjoyable set. Guest artists enhance the outing even moreso notably Antonio Hart’s sax solos on “Life In A Glasshouse” and “Jupiter”, and Christie Dashiell’s vocals on “Colors Of The Wind” and “Pure Imagination (Reimagined)”.


Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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