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by Tom Haugen

Ian Wardenski Quintet

Collective Thoughts

Self- Released, 2019


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An accomplished academic in musical studies and an active guitar player since the age of 13, Ian Wardenski brings along 5 additional musicians on this debut album where chamber influences meet jazz improvisation with grand results.

“Collective Thoughts” starts the album with energetic jazz sounds, where Tamara Tucker adds her wordless vocals to playful interaction between the band, and the instrumental “Captain Tea Leaf & The Dodecaphonic Explosion” follows with bright sax work from Tim Powell amid the skilled musicianship.

Though there’s just 9 track included, more than half sit above the 5 minute mark, and the 10+ minutes of “Morning Silence” never out welcomes its stay with engaging keys and soulful brass, while the shortest tune, “Boccato’s Influence”, allows Amy Shook’s bass to resonate as well as vocal acrobatics from Tucker.

Near the end, “Cycle, Stop, & Cycle” gets nearly operatic vocally and the marching band style drumming adds greatly to one of the most lively offerings, and “Until” closes the listen with a mysterious cinematic quality that pushes and pulls with elegance, exploration and timelessness.

Armed with a PHD in music, Wardenski brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this highly intriguing and smartly delivered listen that will absolutely appeal to all fans of adventurous jazz sounds.

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