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by Seamus Fitzpatrick

Jack Kilby and the Frontline, Love Is a Song Anyone Can Sing, Vol. 2 Review

Jack Kilby and the Frontline I am embarrassed to say has sat on my desk for far too long, to the chagrin of his publicist. I am pleased to say with patience and gentle reminders, I officially got off my rump and I am ready to get down to it. The Frontline was formed originally in 2014 in New York City. Though each of the members hail from different parts of the country, originally, their sound is unified in its directive.   The core group consists of Jack Kilby: drums, Kris Monson: bass; Allyn Johnson piano; John D’earth: trumpet; Charles Owens: tenor saxophone; Elad Cohen trombone; the age span of each player adds to the depth of flavor in the sound, but make no mistake this is jazz in the tradition and its pure jazz.

Positives: Each tune is a journey of eras, the program features a deep breadth of stylistic range, that exhibits the prowess of each member and their versatility.

Bottom Line: The album is separated into two volumes. Volume One, features the band’s core sextet performing their hard bop-inspired repertoire. The second Volume includes a cavalcade of guest artists who add a depth and polish to a nice mix of tasteful originals. The most notable guest being Antonio Hart on soprano and alto saxophones. Of special note are the interludes, each adds a personal touch that allows the listener to connect to the album in a concept approach. Each song is uniquely its own story and each player adds their unique musical voice to the fabric. Truly a strong debut from an up and coming group called Jack Kilby and the Frontline, that’s the short of it!
With Love from Ian Dansey
Jupiter (feat. Antonio Hart, Marcus Tenney & Peter Del Grosso)
With Love from Mark G. Meadows (feat. Mark G. Meadows)
Colors of the Wind (feat. Christie Dashiell, Mark G. Meadows & Braxton Cook)
More Love from Ian Dansey
Pure Imagination (Reimagined) [feat. Christie Dashiell]
Micah Robinson Concludes (feat. Micah Robinson & Sam Blakelock)
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