Terrence Wintersmith is reviewed by Jazz2Love on his new album “A Walk in the Woods.”

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Album Review: A Walk in the Woods from Terrence Wintersmith

Album: A Walk In The Woods
Artist: Terrence Wintersmith
Label: Addictive 2 Music
Website:  https://terrencewintersmith.com

Exotic and sensual, Terrence Wintersmith’s compositions on his latest CD A Walk in the Woods are expressive and beautifully crafted.  With all songs written and produced by Wintersmith, the recording wafts of harmonious interludes and relaxing swells.  There are eighteen musicians featured on this debut collection of original jazz compositions by Wintersmith. Included are guest performances by legendary jazz drummer Chester Thompson, Brazilian guitarist Marcel Camargo, and Dave Matthews Band saxophone player, Jeff Coffin.

Marcel Camargo’s storytelling-like guitar strings trot along “I’m Always Dreaming,'” whispering sweetly in the listener’s ear while perched on the gentle kneading of Eivind Opsvik’s bass and Brian Griffin’s subdued rhythmic beats.  The sensual curves of Jeff Coffin’s saxophone infuse junctures of soaring interludes along “Jumping And Jiving” as the pristine harmonizing of vocalists David E. Greene, Jessica Jeza, and Patricia Lee add meaning to the tune with lyrics that celebrate swing music, “Back in the day when they were jumping and jiving… there was a beat on every street / swing was the king of town.”

The airy riffs of Bruno Elizabetsky’s guitar strings on “A Vida Que Eu Sonhei” is propelled by Wintersmith’s keys, dabbing flouncy glitters across the track.  The melodic motifs are expressive, communicating to audiences in a language that appeals to their desire to be positive.  The contemplative mood of “Amalfi” is laden in cushiony textures from the delicate twirls of Carina Bruwer’s flute to Wintersmith’s lulling dialogue on the piano.  The sunrise feel of the instrumentation in the title track exude an Asian accent in the swirling motions of Gergö Bille’s horns, which cools to a moonlight glow in Charles Tidwell’s  flugelhorn with a rumba sway in the rhythm section through “Ridgetop.”

Wintersmith’s keyboards softly quiver and  shimmy as his accompaniment in a variety of horns, guitars, drums, bass, piano, and percussion form melodic motifs that lean towards a positive trajectory.  His debut effort as a bandleader has a worldly fare that demonstrates Wintersmith’s affinity for harmonious instrumentation.

Terrence Wintersmith -Keyboards, Vocals
Carina Bruwer – Flute
Gergö Bille – Trumpet
Charles Tidwell – Flügelhorn
Chris White – Saxophone
Jeff Coffin – Saxophone
Zakhar Valaha – Violin
Marcel Camargo – Guitar
Fred Bogert – Guitar
Bruno Elizabetsky – Guitar
Frederick Boyle – Piano
Eivind Opsvik – Bass
Chester Thompson -Drums
Chuck Sabo – Drums
Brian Griffin – Drums
Larry Salzman – Percussion
Tom Roady – Percussion
David E. Greene – Vocals
Jessica Jeza – Vocals
Patricia Lee – Vocals

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