Larry Wolf is reviewed by Audiophile Review for New Music Friday on his album Mood Swings

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Larry Wolf

New Music for Friday October 18th!


Larry Wolf – “Mood Swings” – Whole Big Productions



Larry Wolf is a veteran film and stage actor who made his bones working alongside Robert Downey, Sr. (not to be confused with Robert Downey, Jr of Sherlock Holmes fame). And for a real twist, he was the first, and I’m guessing, the only leader of an all female topless quartet with himself topless as well, if, that is, you don’t count the cummerbund. He must be a really interesting guy as the full band name is Larry Wolf with Four Cats & A Canary. My guess is all are clothed but who knows? The fourteen works contain timeless standards such as the Gershwin classic “Embraceable You” as well as original collaborations such as “Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor.” If all of this is not avant-garde enough for you, his voice is no less, how to put this – “unique.”  I first thought he had little to no vocal skills at all, with his gravelly sounding voice. And at times it seems as though he is really straining and not effortlessly hitting all the notes. But really, none of this matters. Because once you realize this guy is having a lot of fun doing what he’s doing, and in what I must surmise is a not really care attitude, one tends to get caught up in the music for music’s sake. In no time at all I found myself looking forward to the next track and really enjoying the one I had just heard. Sometimes being somewhat anti mainstream works. Sure does here.

Overall: 9

Sonics: 8

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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