Yvette Norwood Tiger is reviewed by Audiophile Review on New Music Friday on her new album Love Is

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Yvette Norwood Tiger

New Music for Friday October 18th!


Yvette Norwood-Tiger – “Love Is” – Sweet Serenity Records


Detroit, Michigan native Yvette Norwood-Tiger is a very accomplished vocalist, songwriter and recording artist. She is a voting Recording Academy member better known as the Grammy’s and is the Director of the Palm Beach International Jazz Festival. Her list of accompanying artists is widespread – artists such as Tito Puente and David “Fathead” Newman of Ray Charles fame. She has performed at venues such as Harlem’s Cotton Club and the Royal Albert Hall in London. In her latest work, “Love Is,” she delivers a mixture of twelve jazz standards and original compositions all in a traditional jazz, vocal driven presentation. Owing to the spirit of the title, the sound is more on the mellow, softer side and portrays a more melodic feel. Her voice, not surprisingly given her accomplishments, is absolutely stellar. Anyone who is looking for an hour or so of romantic, mood inducing music should give this work a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Overall: 8

Sonics: 8

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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  1. In Agreement
    Her Shows are filled with Encouragement Love, Hope and the Spirit of God,
    Gio & Grace Marquez

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