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Bill O'Connell

New Music For Friday October 25th

Bill O’Connell – “Wind Off The Hudson” – Savant Records

If I am going to listen to traditional jazz, I prefer a more upbeat tempo as opposed to lethargically slow, melodically drawn out compositions. I want to tap my foot. And with O’Connell’s latest release, “Wind Off The Hudson,” I am able to do that. For that reason alone, I pretty much liked this album. This is a pretty complex work as well, with ten musicians and a robust string and horn sections. There is a definite Latin-based theme in his compositions which is something he has been doing for most of his 40-year career. O’Connell is a recipient of the “Jazz Writer of the Year” award and is on the faculty of Rutgers University. He is a dedicated proponent of Latin Jazz and this dedication shows up very clearly in “Wind.” Fun. Mostly upbeat. Toe Tapping. Yeah, this is a good one.

Overall: 8

Sonics: 8

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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