Acute Inflections is reviewed by Jazzweekly on their new album Electric Psychology

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MUSIC UNDER THE LAMP POST…Acute Inflections: Electric Psychology

Acute Inflections, Electric Psychology

Here’s a richly haunted collection of tunes that sound like a jazz duet version of films noir. Bassist Sadiki Pierre does a collection of pas de deux with sorghum toned vocalist Elasea Douglas to create an intimate, personal and seductive interpretation of standards while mixing them with flavorful originals. The barrier to entry for artists on a bass/vocal duet album is to keep the music both interesting in dimension and mood. The choice of songs keeps things fascinating, as Pierre snaps out a hot lick to drive a hot cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” and the two skip along merrily for the anthem “New York, New York.” Douglas gives an upbeat solo intro to the R&B classic “At Last” and is absolutely stunning in her nightgown of her own “The Ascension” while she bops with a buoyancy for her clever title piece. Space and breath work wonders for “A Thousand Years” and even “Besame Mucho” is given a facelift with Ms. Douglas hitting subtones as Pierre slowly strolls by. Look for this one, and don’t play it before 10 pm.


Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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