Jazzweekly reviews Fleur Seule on their new album Standards and Sweet Things

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Fleur Seule: Standards and Sweet Things

Fleur Seule

Vocalist Allyson Briggs of Fleur Seule has a sound, style and soul hauntingly reminiscent of a young Peggy Lee. Her sweet tone has just enough of a dash of early Billie Holiday to mix a sweet smile with infectious swing, and it works amazingly well on this album where she’s supported on a mix and match bassist with Jason Yeager/p, Michael O’Brien/b, Paul Francis/dr, Andy Warren/tp, Richard E Miller/g, Ivan Llanes/perc and a handful of background vocalists.

Along with Briggs and her insouciant delivery, the co-star of the event is trumpeter Andy Warren who is upbeat with the lady on “Taking A Chance On Love” muted on the two step hotcha “Manuelo” and swaggering to Seule’s twinkle in the eye on “Shoo-Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy.” Briggs’ vibrato is seductive on the dainty “Tenderly” and she gives a nice chasson as she tips her beret for “La Vie En Rose” while delivering a sing song nasal coyness to the samba “Zou Bisou Bisou” as Richard Miller sashays on guitar. As far as swinging it, she toys with the beat on “Them There Eyes” and “S’wonderful” like a kitten with her ball of yarn. This lady’s a keeper!


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