Herb Silverstein & Michael Ross receive a swingin’ review from Take Effect on their new album “Looking Back”

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Looking Back: Play It Again…

Silver Tunes, 2020


Listen to Looking Back: Play It Again…

Herb Silverstein is man with many talent. A doctor, athlete and jazz artist, here he’s aligned with Michael Ross on bass for a large helping of original tunes that he’s previously recorded in a quartet setting.

“Beach Walker” starts the album with sublime piano work from Silverstein, and “Evening” continues the grace with warm melodies as light touches from Ross add much to the landscape, as does the romantic spirit of “Love In My Heart”.

With 21 tracks on hand, the duo never out welcome their stay, as they emit incredible song craft on the soft and agile “Improvisation”, while “Monday Morning” moves quickly and flawlessly with precise instrumentation. “While You Were Away”, one of the album’s finest, then glides with proficient keys and a glowing mood.

Near the end, the bouncy pace of “A Bird Returns” leaves an immediate impression, and “Zorro Remembered” finishes out the listen much like how it started- classically influenced with alluring songwriting.

A soothing listen that reminds us just how often less is more, it’s no surprise that Looking Back cracked the top 10 on the jazz charts as Silverstein and Ross turn in a stunning, moving performance of timeless sounds.

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