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Herb Silverstein


Album Review: Looking Back Play It Again from Herb Silverstein

Album:  Looking Back Play It Again
Artist:  Herb Silverstein and Michael Ross
Label:  Silver Tunes
Website:  www.herbsilversteinjazz.com

Looking Back Play It Again
from pianist Herb Silverstein and bass player Michael Ross features all original works by Silverstein.  A compilation of piano ballads and improvised chord patterns, Silverstein demonstrates his artistic inclinations and melodic sensibilities on the piano.

The caressing glide of Silverstein’s keys ambling along “Love in My Heart” produces a pacifying effect as the mellow tone of the music courses an even flow through the arrangement.  “Helix 49r” picks up the tempo with a tinge of zest, speeding up the pulsating beat of the keys, which switches its texture to a creamy froth through “Improvisation.”  Silverstein’s improvised doodles on the keys create an ethereal lift along the composition that changes to a brisk sweep across “Magic Sam.”

The sprightly movements of the keys dance merrily across “Monday Morning,” changing to an inviting waltz along “Feelings.”  Ross’ bass notes are subtle as he supports the clear and crisp missives that Silverstein scrolls on the piano keys.  At times, the 2-tiered melodic phrases make it perceivable to the listener that Silverstein’s left hand is playing one pattern while the doodles made by his right hand perform another.  Other times, like on “Zorro Remembered,” both hands are playing the same melodic theme.

Silverstein’s audiences know what they will hear from him, clear and crisp missives on the piano.  Founder of the Silverstein Institute and the Ear Research Foundation, Herb Silverstein has an instinct for binding complimenting notes that correlate to the movements of the mind.  He creates chord patterns that make dancing figures across the melodies, sometimes shaping a single layer and other times making two tiers with the keys, and always forming harmony.


Herb Silverstein – piano
Michael Ross – bass

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