Hazel Mitchell-Bell wins over a the critic at Audiophile Review, with her flowing voice

1948 0

by Paul Wilson

Hazel Mitchell-Bell – “Stronger Than Ever” — Self Released

When I initially picked up the CD case and looked at the cover picture my first thought, I’m almost ashamed to admit, was that Mitchell-Bell looked like someone’s grandmother. I frankly didn’t know what to expect having never heard anything by her before. What I discovered about ten seconds later, after loading the CD and pushing play, is that this lady has a superior voice. I mean very easy, without strain, and sounding like she could sing all day long if necessary. Producer Vince Evans said of her: “…every once in a while, someone comes along that is truly extraordinary – this is that someone.” Stylistically the thirteen tracks are covers of timeless classics from the Great American Songbook. Backed by an eleven piece, what, call them an orchestra, Mitchell-Bell never seems overshadowed by the musicians. She holds her own with style and grace and music just flows along. Sit and enjoy a superior vocalist who can easily, very easily in fact, deliver the goods.

Overall:   8.5

Sonics:   8

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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