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Greg Loughman


By Tom Haugen


Re: Connection

Self-Released, 2021


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A bass wizard, composer and bandleader, Greg Loughman has a lengthy and impressive catalog of music, and here he offers us 7 songs that surround the idea of disconnection, whether it be related to politics, race, economics or just the country in general, and he’s got several skilled musicians backing him.

“Disunion” starts the listen with Loughman’s precise and warm bass plucking as an atmosphere of mystery and keys from Anastassiya Petrova add even more intrigue, and “Isolation” follows with saxophones from Dan Elbert and Anton Derevyenko that’s complemented by the strategic bass work as the intimate melody is fleshed out flawlessly.

In the middle, ‘Transition” offers a brief moment of bowed strings from Loughman and soft, hypnotic guitar thanks to Max O’Rourke , while “Grow” builds from mesmerizing keys into Nathan Kay’s soulful trumpet and Tyson Jackson’s proficient drumming that help make this one of the album’s best.

“Home” and “Horizons” bookend the listen, where the former finds a dreamy place to reside as the keys and bass interact with much beauty amid the ballad, and the latter recruits Faris Ishaq’s impressive nay skills to accent the unique rhythm of the meticulous closer.

An effort that’s often textured darkly, Loughman and company rely on a sonic backdrop which further illustrates their unique song craft that certainly is jazz, but not in the traditional sense, and it makes for a very engaging listening experience.

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