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Greg Loughman


by Russell Trunk

Title – Re:Connection
Artist – Greg Loughman
For those unaware, Greg Loughman has performed and/or recorded with artists including Danilo Perez, Jerry Bergonzi, George Garzone, Hal Galper, Yoko Miwa, Mark Murphy, and many others.

His brand new album Re:Connection (due out September 24th, 2021), is a suite of 7 songs that seeks to explore the current state of disconnection from a musical standpoint.

We live in a deeply divided country; divided racially, divided politically, divided economically, and increasingly isolated not only from our neighbors, but from our close friends and loved ones.

1. Disunion (7:44)
2. Isolation (6:49)
3. From All Sides (8:59)
4. Transition (2:02)
5. Grow (5:32)
6. Home (6:41)
7. Horizons (7:09)

This exquisitely succulent new album opens on the traditional fare of Disunion (originally entitled Darling Nelly Grey and which is a Civil War era song) and the layered, smoky ambiance of Isolation, before abruptly transitioning into the fevered swirling unrest of From All Sides.

One of my own personal favorites, the earnest moments of reflection within the short but sweet Transition is up next and that is backed by the ornately sculptured ebb and flow of Grow, the album rounding out with the wistful balladry of Home, closing on the exploratively euphoric, vibrant troughs and ridges of Horizons.

Born in Zanesville, Ohio, Loughman currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts, where he earned a Master of Music degree from the Berklee Global Jazz Institute.

Loughman claims that the creation of this music has led him to create an organization called the New England Jazz Connections or NEJC.

The mission of NEJC is to connect musicians, audiences, and performance spaces throughout New England and to put on concerts that will raise money for worthy causes.

Similarly to his predecessors, Loughman’s music is an escape into the after hours sphere.

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