Giorgia Santoro & Pat Battstone are reviewed by O’s Place Jazz Magazine with Dream Notes

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Pat Battstone


Giorgia Santoro & Pat Battstone             –             Dream Notes

O’s Notes: Dream Notes is a duet performance featuring pianist Pat Battstone and flutist Giorgia Santoro. The third artist is painter Daniela Chionna who stuck a balance with Battstone and created her Immersion Series that serves as an inspiration for this music. The works are paired with each title in the liner notes. At times it’s like a cinema score in a minimalist mode with just piano and flute as on “Atraverso”. Or it may be percussion, voice and piano as on “Window Into The Night Part 1”. True to the title, this is a mesmerizing, soothing, and an appreciable effort that is suitable for meditation or relaxation.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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