Frank Kohl is reviewed by Take Effect with his new album “Solitude.”

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Frank Kohl


Frank Kohl


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The always impressive Frank Kohl returns with his 6th album, where the veteran guitar player tosses in 5 covers as he tackles the always challenging solo jazz record with the aptly titled Solitude.

Kohl starts the listen with the soothing melodies of “Dreams In Color”, where his intricate guitar playing seems effortless in his capable hands, and “I Got It Bad” follows with Kohl’s inimitable delivery on the Duke Ellington tune.

Closer to the middle, “A Call For Peace” flows with much beauty and grace in its reserved nature, while “Fly Away” glides with a meticulous rhythm that few, if anyone, could replicate. “City Lights”, a late album highlight, then has Kohl dancing around melodies in his interpretation of the Oscar Peterson original.

As we near the end, “My Shining Hour” offers sublime, timeless jazz and “Once I Loved” finishes the listen with Kohl’s version of the bossa nova classic that illustrates his deft picking skill.

An album that Kohl has envisioned his entire life, he now joins the ranks of Joe Pass, Martin Taylor and John Stowell in pulling off a first rate and universally embraceable solo guitar record.

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