Frank Kohl is reviewed by Audiophile Review with his new album “The Crossing”

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Frank Kohl

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Frank Kohl – “The Crossing”       Self-Released

Frank Kohl

This marks the third release by Frank Kohl I have reviewed, his music and style is obviously something I like. On “The Crossing,” Kohl is actually one of a trio and one of two guitarists, the third musician playing an acoustic bass. An acoustic bass is not used as often as its electric brother and it is because of that fact the bass really stands out as noticeable. And it is also adds an interesting twist to the nine compositions. This release, like his other two I’ve featured, are works of very traditional jazz. Kohl and second guitarist John Stowell play off each other with breathless ease, while bassist Steve LaSpina adds definition and body to the trio’s efforts. Kohl also sees fit to allow the other two musicians to each take turns doing solos in almost each track. All the arrangements work very well together and I would say “melodic” and “harmonic” would be apt descriptions. The nine compositions range from basically swing based to very soft and mellow – all done in a traditional jazz style. It would seem Kohl has struck in me a chord, so to speak, and one that leaves me interested to hear what comes next.

Overall:   8

Sonics:    8

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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