Fleur Seule’s “Standards And Sweet Things” is the Feature CD of the Week at WUMR 91.7 The Jazz Lover

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Feature CD of the Week

Feature CD Of The Week: Fleur Seule’s “Standards And Sweet Things”

For Release: October 1, 2019
Review by Malvin Massey, Jr., 10/1/2019


Fleur Seule

The Feature CD of the Week is from Manhattan’s very own 1940’s jazz band. The name of the group is Fleur Seule (Fler Sull), and the title of the album is Standards and Sweet Things.

This is a group that brings the glamour and swinging sounds of the Golden Age of Hollywood to life on stage. They regularly perform to sold out crowds at Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola, The Friar’s Club, Birdland, and they have a 5 year residency as the house band at Tavern on the Green.

They relish in reviving classic chanson, jazz standards, swing music, bossa nova, salsa and more.

The leader of the group, which can range from 2 to 13 pieces, is vocalist Allyson Briggs known in Manhattan as “The Glamour Girl of Jazz.” She is a versatile and accomplished voice-over artist by day and band leader by night.

Allyson fell in love with music at an early age and had a highly musical childhood. She trained for a career in voice-over work at Tisch School of Arts at New York University and was inspired to pursue that career because, in her own words:

“I fell in love with voice-over watching Robin Williams voice the Genie, and many other characters in Disney’s Aladdin. I was inspired by how many characters one person could play in secret, from a booth, without the audience knowing what you look like or who you might be.”

That is a unique career path, but she was determined and got into the business as soon as she graduated. Her natural talent helped her gain clients and though she struggled at first, she persevered with her home studio.

She joined Voices.com and became a mainstream voice-over talent. The development of that voice talent has made her the jazz vocalist for the ages that she has become with the band.

She sings in 7 languages and speaks 4, making her able to cover multiple classic genres and reach the varied audiences of New York.

Fleur Seule will take you on a multi-lingual journey back in time with music performed by the greats of swing and the Great American Songbook. The band is Andy Warren, trumpet, arranger, and musical director, Jason Yeager on piano, Michael O’Brien on bass, Paul Francis on drums, Richard Miller on guitar, Ivan Llanes on percussion, and Martina DeSilva, Vanessa Peres, and Marge Davis doing sweet background vocals.

These are very skillful and talented musicians who flow seamlessly through this repertoire of lovely and swinging classics. This album is an example of the atmosphere of New York City itself.

The mix of languages and cultures that flow, fast and slow, throughout Manhattan daily. So lively and exciting.

That is the experience of this CD, Manhattan and the great sounds of music from bygone days, when lyrics mattered and romance was subtle but intense. I think you will really get a kick out of this one.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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