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FLAVIO LIRA, Coffee Gold Sugar Cane

Originally hailing from Brazil, bassist and composer Flavio Lira is now based in New York City. He is a first call bassist specializing in eclectic, musical styles.  His scope of performances ranges from popular samba to classical and chamber music.  Lira is releasing his new album, Coffee Gold Sugar Cane. The album has twelve tracks that are bursting with a rhythmic fusion of Brazilian grooves, Cuban claves, Colombian folkloric melodies and jazzy chords.  Lira calls it “My love letter to all of Latin America.”  However you slice it, the fusion of Samba, baião, regional folklore, tumbao, partido alto, and jazz influences offer a picante flavoring that is spicy and recharging.  That’s the short of it!

Positives: Lira’s ability to navigate the strings on his bass in exciting and new ways is breathtaking. His agility and ability are matchless. His articulation of ideas is as stunning as his bass work.
Bottom Line: Flavio Lira is bringing the power of music and cultures together with Coffee Gold Sugar Cane. Lira enlisted the help of 38 musicians from 15 different countries, which offers the listener a cultural experience that is a musical tapestry of personalities shaped by the various cultures. The comradery is evident and spiritual. Holding it all together is Lira’s outstanding bass skills, both as a soloist and accompanist. His sensitive support is the springboard for transporting and highlighting each musician’s contribution to the project. Lira’s seven original compositions on the project are defined by a distinctive focused relationship between melody and rhythm and its ability to create engaging world music.


Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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