Flavio Lira is reviewed by O’s Place Jazz Newsletter

D. Oscar  Groomes | O’s Place Jazz Newsletter

Flavio Lira  –   Coffee, Gold, Sugar Cane

O’s Notes: Brazilian bassist, composer and producer Flavio Lira now lives in New York playing Latin jazz that includes influences from all of South America and the Caribbean. That translates to a heavily syncopated, percussive-laden but relaxed, festive groove on Coffee Gold Sugar Cane. The title is meant to illustrate the large span of musical influences in Latin America. Flavio’s work on bass is formidable underscoring the rhythm section and as a soloist. He invites many other talented musicians to join him for a winning session. We liked the groove on “Sol No Frio”, “All Things That You Are” featuring vocalist Nella Rojas, “Vai Lá, Vai Lá”, “Favela” and “Pra Frente” with Valentine Komissarouk adding soothing vocalizations.



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