FIVE PLAY hits Ken Franckling’s Jazz Notes Top 10 best new jazz releases of 2019

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Ken Franckling’s Jazz Notes

10 best new jazz releases of 2019

Tis the season for the outpouring of Top 10 lists, and their many variations, for jazz, world events, etc. The jazz lists tend to have a lot of variation depending on each reviewer’s personal tastes, as well as what he or she listened to during the year.* Bottom line, all are extremely subjective.

These choices below (aside from top 10 new songs of the year) were submitted to the Jazz Times, Jazz Journalists’ Association and NPR Music 2019 compilations (The latter is the 14th annual Francis Davis-produced poll previously published by The Village Voice and The Davis poll is the largest, most-trusted year-end survey of its kind.

As I begin preparing my review of significant events and trends in jazz in 2019 for All About Jazz, I thought I’d share my “best of 2019” lists. *Always keep in mind the above caveats.

The 10 best new jazz releases of 2019

  1. Tierney Sutton Band, ScreenPlay (BFM)
  2. Something Blue, Maximum Enjoyment (Posi-Tone)
  3. Tom Harrell, Infinity (HighNote)
  4. Charlie Dennard, Deep Blue (Deneaux)
  5. Akiko Tsuroga, Jeff Hamilton and Graham Dechter, Equal Time (Capri)
  6. Lisa Hilton, Oasis (Ruby Slippers)
  7. Brandon Goldberg, Let’s Play! (independent)
  8. Dave Zinno Unisphere, Stories Told (Whaling City Sound)
  9. Five Play, Live From the Firehouse Stage (5Play)
  10. James Suggs, You’re Gonna Hear From Me (Arbors)
Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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