Eyal Vilner receives a review from Audiophile Review, with a deepened enjoyment by the critic

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by Paul Wilson

Eyal Vilner Big Band – “Swing Out!” – Self Released

I had not even looked all that closely at this CD when I realized I had reviewed one of their works before. What I liked about Vilner in his earlier work and in my review, I liked even more in this one. Stylistically, the same big sound with a large orchestra. Vilner’s mission is to promote and even resurrect swing music. On his latest release, he furthers that goal by devoting the compositions and arrangements to dance. So, this is an upbeat, frolicking feel good work. In fact, as much as I enjoyed the previous work I reviewed, “Almost Sunrise,” I enjoyed this one even more. I’ll admit, I get really excited by an up tempo, foot tappin’, barn burnin’ song and “Swing Out!” does that with aplomb – throughout almost the entire CD. There are twelve works of both originals and well as covers interpreted by Vilner’s vision of danceable big band music. If this work is any indication of Vilner’s dedication to resurrecting big band music, my guess is he’s on the right track.

Overall:   9

Sonics:   8

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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