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Nick Brust


by Anne Carlini


Title – ‘Frozen In Time’
Artist – Nicholas Brust
For those not in the know, heralded as a premiere saxophonist of his generation, Nicholas Brust has established his voice in the world of modern instrumental music.

Indeed, he has most definitely found his niche as a bandleader and composer, taking advantage of the numerous textures and combinations available in small-group improvised music.

While Nicholas has performed with numerous highly acclaimed musicians in NYC, he makes a priority of working with up-and-coming talent that he believes in.

Nicholas is currently on faculty at Elefante School for the Performing Arts and The Hudson School.

Nicholas released an EP of original music entitled Brooklyn Folk Songs in January 2015 and Nicholas has continued to showcase his compositional and improvisational talents in a series of videos that can be found on his Youtube channel.

And now Nicholas has recently recorded his debut full-length album, the quite stellar Frozen in Time, out now via Fresh Sound Records.

1. ‘Work Ahead’
2. ‘Hearts And Spades’
3. ‘Brooklyn Folksong’
4. ‘Frozen In Time’
5. ‘Hymnal For Those In Need’
6. ‘Adversity’
7. ‘Something Like A Storm’
8. ‘Soliloquy in F Minor’
9. ‘A Shifting State’

The album features exclusively original material composed by Nicholas and opens on the fervently cultured ‘Work Ahead,’ and backs that up with the more achingly orchestrated ‘Hearts And Spades,’ the mid-tempo lushness of ‘Brooklyn Folksong,’ and then we get the joyful title track, ‘Frozen In Time’ and the quietly laid back, organic melodies of ‘Hymnal For Those In Need.’

Up next is the frenetic magnificence of ‘Adversity’ which is itself followed by the mid-tempo stream of upbeat consciousness found within the free flowing ‘Something Like A Storm,’ with the album rounding out on the tranquil seven minute ‘Soliloquy in F Minor,’ closing on the skilled improvisations found within ‘A Shifting State.’

The ensemble: Nicholas Brust, saxophonist; Ben Eunson, guitar; Tuomo Uusitalo, piano; Josh Allen, bass, and Jay Sawyer on drums.

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