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by Anne Carlini


Title – ‘Electric Fantastic’
Artist – The Moore-McColl Jazz Society
For those not in the know, based out of Atlanta, Georgia, The Moore-McColl Jazz Society is Beth Moore (Vocals/Piano/Rhodes/Organ) and Chance McColl (Electric Guitar, Vocals).

On this quite magnificent debut album, Electric Fantastic (out now), The Moore-McColl Jazz Society deliver a 2020 take on 1970’s jazz organ/guitar combos.

Having known each other and collaborated for years, this album actually sees their first start-to-finish project with one or the other of them writing or co-writing eight of the nine tracks on the album.

1. ‘Electric Fantastic’
2. ‘Like a Symphony’
3. ‘800 East’
4. ‘The Logical Song’
5. ‘I Remember Danny Gatton’
6. ‘If You Really Loved Me’
7. ‘Blues For Lonnie Williams’
8. ‘Words’

On an album that will have your mind lovingly locked inside an old, smoke-imbued club in downtown Memphis on a late Friday night, up first is the funky title track, ‘Electric Fantastic’ which is backed by the soulful blues roll of ‘Like a Symphony,’ the gentle guitar jam flow of ‘800 East,’ and then we get both the the finger-snappin’, Brazilian-styled percussional groove of ‘Beth’s Bounce’ and then a simply stunning, guttural Bluesy reflection of Supertramp’s big chart hit, ‘The Logical Song.’

The aching Americana-esque ballad ‘I Remember Danny Gatton’ is up next and is backed by the old school, deep down in the dirt blues, one-two guitar and Hammond drawl of the Chance-sung ‘If You Really Loved Me,’ with the album rounding out on the seven minute deep dive into ‘Blues for Lonnie Williams,’ closing on the shortest track here, the beautiful, floral piano ambiance of the delicate ‘Words.’

Personnel – Beth Moore: vocals, piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond C3 organ and horn arrangements; Chance McColl: electric guitar and vocals; Tim Aucoin: contrabass and electric bass; Joel Morris: drums and percussion; Caleb Lattimore: trumpet; Christopher Alpiar: tenor saxophone; Declan Ward: alto saxophone; Ben Holst: pedal steel guitar [6]; Scott Rashner: trombone [5]; Jordan Alyssa: backing vocals [2]; Devynn Phoenix Robinson: backing vocals [2].

The Moore-McColl Jazz Society – ‘The Logical Song’ (Supertramp Cover)

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