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Sergio Pereira


by Anne Carlini


Title – Finesse
Artist – Sergio Pereira
For those not in the know, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sergio Pereira started playing acoustic guitar at the age of 8 years old.

Motivated by his older brother, who played the guitar and helped him with his first chords, Sergio was later influenced by the music of bossa-nova giants at the time such as Joao Gilberto, Tom Jobim, Carlos Lyra, Joao Donato, Marcos Valle, and many others.

Moving to New York in the ’80s has expanded his musical knowledge by studying with some of the jazz greats, including Chuck Wayne, Sal Salvador, Alex Adrian, Hui Cox, and Joe Carter.

Since the beginning of the ’90s, he has traveled the world, playing with different bands and venues in many other countries in Europe, Africa, and elsewhere.

And now Sergio Pereira embarks on his third album, Finesse, which will be released by the Spanish record label Sedajazz Records.

His previous albums include Swingando (released independently) and Nu Brasil, released in 2018 by the New York Latin label Zoho Music.

These albums reflect all the emotions, energy, and dynamics of growing up in Rio, living around the globe, and being in touch with his culture throughout his life.

1. White Lion (4:51)
2. Morning Mist (3:36)
3. Samba de Outono (5:22) (feat. Murilo Antunes)
4. Finesse (5:46)
5. Quase 9 (4:44)
6. Give Me 5 (4:40)
7. Desfilando a Vitória (4:42) (feat. Paulinho Nunes)
8. Let It Out (4:55)
9. Frio Lugar (4:44)
10. Dreamsville (5:44)

The album opens on the laid back, toes in the sand ambiance of White Lion and the gently fervent Morning Mist and those are then followed seamlessly by the atmospheric gossamer of Samba de Outono (featuring Brazilian poet, composer and publicist, Murilo Antunes), the free-flowing title track Finesse, and then comes the veritably levitating melodies of Quase 9.

Next up is the truly magnificent, harmonica-driven (by Gabriel Grossi) track Give Me 5 which is in turn followed by the rhythmically-imbibed elegance, and trumpet/flugelhorn mid-section of Rubinho Antunes on Desfilando a Vitória (also featuring Paulinho Nunes), the gentle ebb and flow of Let It Out, the album rounding out on the perky Latin-pop bounce of Frio Lugar (featuring the vocals of Paula Santoro), coming to a close on the melodic harmonies of the aptly-named Dreamsville.

His latest album, Finesse, has been co-produced by drummer/producer Mauricio Zottarelli and was recorded remotely during the Pandemic 2019/20. It includes twenty-one top world musicians bringing magic, happiness, and positivity to the world during these crazy times.

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