Exclusive Magazine reviews Nancy Goudinaki, What I Was For You: re.think

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Nancy Goudinaki


by Anne Carlini


Title – What I Was For You: re.think
Artist – Nancy Goudinaki
For those of you not in the know, Nancy Goudinaki, the extraordinary up-and-coming jazz vocalist, and guitarist, is ready to take center stage!Hailing from Greece, Nancy G., as she is refereed to in the jazz world, now lives and performs in the greater New York City Area.

At the precocious age of 8, Nancy knew that she wanted to pursue music and learned how to play classical guitar.

Nine years later, she continued her studies with master classical guitarist Costas Cotsiolis and received her Master’s in Musicology/Fine Arts, her BA and Masters with honors in classical guitar.

Here in 2022, Nancy is releasing her foray into bringing her guitar skills to the forefront with the latest full-length album, What I Was For You: re.think.

Nancy reflects, After the long musical journey in my life and trying several musical styles as a singer/songwriter/guitarist, with this album, I return to where I started from, the classical guitar.

1. La Catedral (3:11)
2. Fuoco (3:33)
3. What I Was For You: re.think (4:53)
4. Nereids (4:29)
5. Feel Alive (5:29)
6. Berimbau (2:51)
7. One Night in Caldera (2:37)
8. Ariadne’s Lullaby (2:35)
9. El Ultimo Canto (3:38)
10. What I Was For You: re.think (played with MOOVtravel Guitar) (3:46)

With her new album incorporating original compositions and modern renditions of classical guitar masterpieces whilst utilizing different harmonies and vocalizations, it opens on the almost ethereally-charged urgency of La Catedral and the gently frenetic Fuoco and then brings us the laid low, late night smoky club ambiance of the title track What I Was For You: re.think, the mid-tempo balladry of Nereids and then we get the vocally-infused Feel Alive.

Up next are the playful rhythms within Berimbau and the contemplative One Night in Caldera which are in turn followed by the intricate, and atmospheric melodies within Ariadne’s Lullaby, the album rounding out on the almost labyrinthine work of El Ultimo Canto, coming to a book end close (relatively) with the dulcet What I Was For You: re.think (played with MOOVtravel Guitar).

This specific work is a celebration of women. Every woman goes through phases in her life and the different stages inspired Nancy in her person life to compose these tunes.

The songs traverse a woman who is in love, a heartbroken woman, a homesick woman, and a woman who will be an aunt. A big part of my inspiration is my niece Ariadne, to whom I was inspired and composed a special lullaby, Nancy reveals.

Players & Instruments
Nancy Goudinaki – Nylon String Guitar, MOOVtravel Guitar (10), Vocals (1,5)
JD Allen – Tenor Saxophone (3)
Richie Goods – Electric Bass (4)
Devo D. – Backup Vocals (1,5)

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