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Kayle Brecher


by Russell Trunk

Title – Bredux: Collected Edges
Artist – Kaylé Brecher
For those unaware, Kaylé Brechers latest, Bredux: Collected Edges, newly released in 2021, is her ninth recording.

A Summa Cum Laude graduate of Temple University with a double major in performance and compositions/arranging, Kaylé was also a long-time member of the BMI Jazz Composers Workshop in New York City, as well as studying composition and arranging privately with both Jim McNeely and Michael Abene, respectively.

Three of her original compositions and two of her versions of Freddie Hubbard tunes have been published by Freddie Hubbards publishing company Hubtones, and two of her versions of Herbie Hancock tunes have been published by Hancock Music.

Additionally, her compositional skills have garnered several awards in the jazz category of the Billboard Song Contest, including one major prize.

Kaylé, a master educator as well, holds certification in three levels of LoVetri Somatic Voicework, is a member of Bobby McFerrins Circlesong tribe and has a certificate in Dr. Trineice Robinsons Soul Ingredients, for whose workshops she has often been teaching assistant.

1. Wild Child (World of Trouble) (6:50)
2. So Complicated (3:47)
3. Under Paris Skies (aka Sous le Ciel de Paris) English Version (6:16)
4. Spy Music (5:43)
5. Cool (5:42)
6. Back to the Red Clay (8:59)
7. Autumn Leaves (7:05)
8. Choices (10:05)
9. Tunnels (4:15)
10. So It Goes (4:46)
11. Spy Music (alternate take) (5:53)

This quite unique and thoroughly enthralling new album opens on the twisting and twirling of Wild Child (World of Trouble) and then her funky saxophone quartet brings us So Complicated, which is itself backed by the the lush orchestrations of Under Paris Skies (aka Sous le Ciel de Paris) English Version, the upbeat and perky Spy Music, and then the piano-led ballad Cool and the gently frenetic ride of Back to the Red Clay.

Next up us the beautiful gossamer of Autumn Leaves and then the ten minute Choices brings to the fore the expert acoustic guitar work of Frank Butrey, which is itself followed by the staggered blues/jazz approach to Tunnels, the album rounding out with the Latin jig of So It Goes, closing on the Spy Music (alternate take) (5:53).

Imaginative, versatile, and eclectic, Kaylé Brecher, (pronounced K-La BrecKer), has performed in settings ranging from traditional jazz through bop, free jazz and experimental music as well as other genres.

The jazz vocalist, composer, lyricist, and arranger currently resides in the Philadelphia area, but Kaylé is a native New Yorker who began her career as an incredibly young teen, singing blues and standards in the clubs of Greenwich Village.

Her varied and active career has included concerts, festivals, live radio performances, a TV documentary soundtrack, clubs, and other fine venues, and she has to date released eight critically acclaimed recordings.

Her musical concepts embrace the total expression in each piece. The whole ensemble becomes part of her personal vision and the settings, as well as choice of instruments with carefully chosen players, augment the desired mood as well as the meaning of each lyric which Kaylé then dives deeply into.

She often knits and weaves improvisation into the fabric of her music seamlessly rather than following formula and presents us with complete expressive pictures that not only show off the improvisational skills of the musicians but create cohesively expressed statements with everyone and everything integrated artfully into the whole.

This is as true in her concepts for duets and trios as it is in the larger ensembles.

Kaylé has said of her approach to writing and singing: Honestly, to me, every piece of music we do is like a short film complete with its own soundscape, color scheme, mood, intent, improvised script and personality. When we dance within it we must, by necessity, completely immerse ourselves in its individual identity.

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