Enrique Haneine receives a winning review from Jazzweekly

Enrique Haneine: The Mind’s Mural

Enrique Haneine shows that drummers can use their pen as well  as sticks and brushes on this collection of strong originals. HE brings together a two sax team of Anna Webber/ts and Catherine Sikora/ts-ss with only Carlo De Rosa’s bass available for providing melodic support, and it works impressively well.

The two tenor team gives reminiscences of vintage Thelonious Monk material as the lather goes into fun and quirky angles on “Once A Thought” the bluesy “ Reality Shape” and the palpably thick “Komet.” De Rosa bows a rich line for Sikora’s dreamy soprano on “While You’re Away” and digs a deep groove with Haneine on the harmonically rich “Hidden Mirrors.” Haneine himself is flexible and crisp bouncing on ”The Seventh Seal” and using his  hands to guid along on the boppy “Life of Its Own.” Flexible with finesse.


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