Enrique Haneine receives a 9.2 from Staccatofy

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by Steph Cosme

Enrique Haneine is best known for his jazz-world slant.  His multi-instrumental talents range from piano to drums.  He is a consummate composer and improvisor.  Currently living in New York City, Haneine was born in Mexico City from Lebanese descent.  He was raised in Mexico, which gave him an opportunity to be immersed in the Latin traditions.  This is heavily represented in his modern-progressive jazz sound that also infuses moments of classical leanings.  His last recording Instants of Time was released in January of 2016, signaled to the modern creative jazz world, his masterful sound. His most recent recording The Mind’s Mural released in late August of 2018.  It features eleven original compositions which holds true to Haneine’s previous release, maintaining the jazz, Latin and middle eastern influence.

Adroit rhythms in odd meter stylings with driving intervallic melodies that put a strong focus on a lyrical melody approach.
Bottom Line:
Each composition is uniquely its own adventure from a free jazz elevation to a conversational lyrical approach. Each tune has its own high caliber sensitivity. Haneine’s compositions offer a linear and cohesive sound. His drummer style is interactive and offers complex rhythms and harmonies in a progressive at times Avant-leaning manner. Whether Haneine is on drums, cymbals or udu drum, he explores the envelope of each instrument with mastery. Joined by Catherine Sikora on tenor and soprano saxophones and Carlo de Rosa on acoustic bass the ensemble covers a lot of improvisational ground and well as executing Haneine’s melodies with razor sharp focus. That’s the short of it!
Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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