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Elegant Walk, 2020


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The composer, pianist, drummer, improviser and educator Enrique Haneine has a diverse past, which includes being raised in Mexico where he studied jazz and classical music. Now residing in New York City, the renaissance man brings jazz, Latin influences and even middle eastern ideas to Unlayered.

“Behind The Missing Whisper” starts the listen with trumpet and saxophone working together dynamically in the cautious opener, and “Luculent Jiggle” follows with a festive and upbeat display of playful jazz that’s not short on grooves.

In the middle, “Dance Of Endless Encounter” brings a percussively strong track to the affair with plenty of clarinet prowess from Christof Knoche in the middle eastern setting, while “Seldom Disguise” is both frisky and restrained with textured beauty. “Illustrious Bickering”, an album highlight, then moves fluidly, as each instrument is showcased sublimely in its precise delivery.

Close to the end, “What Of What We Are” recruits memorable rhythm you won’t forget anytime soon, and “Once” exits the listen slow, with an emotive appeal that’s timeless in its execution.

Textured and layered superbly, Haneine proves just why he’s been the recipient of so many awards and the winner of competitions, and this unique modern jazz record will likely gain him some more accolades, too.

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