Enrique Haneine is reviewed by Jazzweekly with his new album Unlayered

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Enrique Haneine


Enrique Haneine: Unlayered







Drummer and percussionist Enrique Haneine creates exciting post bop sounds with searing front line of Cahterine Sikora/ts-ss, Thomas Heberer/tp and Christof Knoche/bcl as he and bassist Jay Anderson deliver propulsive pulses and paces. The leader’s sticks are nimble as he lays down a stylish groove for Hebere’s horn on the post bopper “Dance of Endless Encounter” while the  horns deliver dots and dashes on the Monkish “Queen Of The Underground” . Haneine’s cymbal is incessant on the staccato’d “Luculent Jiggle” as the horns produce dark shadows and hues, while he locks in with Anderson for exotic tones from Sikora’s soprano and Knoche’s brooding bass clarinet on “Seldom Disguise”. California coolness bops along well with the rich harmonies of “The Sweetest Finding” and the team gets free and frantic on “Oust No More” . A mix of tempos creates a melding of Latin sensualities and a 5/4 beat for “What of What We Are” with rich mallets closing things out for Sikora’s glowing tenor on “ Once”. You can feel the muscles flexing on this one.


Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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