Emillio Solla is reviewed by Jazzweekly with Puertos: Music From International Waters

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Emilio Solla


Emilio Solla Tango Jazz Orchestra: Puertos-Music From International Waters


Emilio Solla plays piano while leading and conducting this richly textured big band through his wondrous compositions dedicated to various cities of the world. The brass sections are big, bold and rich as they are coaxed along by the percussion of guest Samuel Tores on “Sol La, al Sol (to La Habana)” with some wondrous tenor sax soloing by Tim Armacost. Arturo O’Farrill’s piano richly gallops on “Llegara’, Llegara’, Llaegara (to Montevideo)” and some harp strings are tugged by Edmar Castaneda on the modal ride of “ Allegron (to Cartegena)”. Some wonderful trumpet work fits to the tribute on “Four For Miles (to New York)” and folksy lilts take you to a local plaza for the evocative “La Novena (to Buenos Aires)’. All throughout, the horn sections are full bodied and cleverly teamed, contrasted and juxtapositioned. Fresh tones and travels.


Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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