Emilio Solla is reviewed by Take Effect with his new album Puertos: Music from International Waters

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Emilio Solla


Emilio Solla Tango Jazz Orchestra


Puertos: Music From International Waters

Avantago, 2019


Listen to Puertos: Music From International Waters

The Argentina native and Grammy Nominee Emilio Solla returns with his flourishing brand of Tango Jazz where 20+ players and guests appear on this first album from the Tango Jazz Orchestra.

“Sol La, al Sol” gets the listen off to an adventurous Afro-Cuban start with bright horns and dynamic instrumentation, and “Llegara, Llegara, Llegara (to Montevideo)” follows with keys, strings and brass in the cultured and soothing setting where tenor sax and piano solos illuminate the affair.

Even though there’s just 8 tracks, 3 of them surpass 10 minutes, as the varied ensemble offer the elegant “ La Novena”, where flutes and accordions add much to the formula, while “Four For Miles” gets busy and textured with a funk friendly delivery that wouldn’t be out of place on a Gil Evans disc.

Deeper into the record, “Allegron”, with Edmar Castaneda’s harp prowess, results in one of the most exploratory tunes present, and “Buenos Aires Blues (to New Orleans)” exits the listen with a swift pace of energetic instrumentation that certainly tips its hat to the Big Easy with plenty of trombone and trumpet skill

It certainly isn’t surprising that “La Novena” saw a Grammy Nomination, as this collection brings incredible Latin influenced compositions to life, where grooves and melodies arrive in spades alongside world class instrumentation.

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