Emilio Solla is reviewed by Jersey Jazz with his GRAMMY nominated album Puertos: Music From International Waters

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Emilio Solla

Jersey Jazz


March/April Edition

by Joseph Lang

Puertos: Music from International Waters (Avantango Records – 005) by pianist composer EMILIO SOLLA’S TANGO JAZZ ORCHESTRA is an adventurous eight-song collection that uses the tango as the underpinning for Solla’s musical impressions of eight seaports.  The titles are “Sol La, al Sol (to La Habana),” “Llegará, Liegará, Liegará (to Montevevideo),” “Chacafrik (to Benguela),” “La Novena (to Buenos Aires),” “Four for Miles (to New York),” “Allegrón (to Cartagena),” “Andan Luces (to Cádiz),” and “Buenos Aires Blues (to New Orleans).”  His 17-piece big band plays the challenging charts superbly, giving vibrant life to each piece. This is an album that will give you fresh perspectives with each hearing. (www.avantango.com)

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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