Elsa Nilsson and Jon Cowherd are reviewed by Audiophile Review with their album “After Us.”

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New Music For May 31, 2019

Elsa Nilsson, Jon Cowherd – “After Us” – Bumblebee Collective Music


The duo of Elsa Nilsson on flute and Jon Cowherd on piano have, in their latest release, “After Us,” a collection of finely crafted songs. Cowherd is positively skillful on the piano and Nilsson plays alto, bass and standard flute on nine compositions of original music. What they do very well is to blend in and out of piano and flute to the extent that the listener hardly even notices. Nilsson was born in Sweden but had made New York home for quite a few years now. Cowherd was born in Kentucky and is perhaps best known for his work with Brian Blade and the Brian Blade Fellowship. Essentially, this is traditional jazz although it is quite melodic and softer in its complexities. I found this to be the kind of work to which one can close their eyes and just listen. Which is exactly what I did.

Overall:  8/10 Sonics:  8/10

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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