Jazz Weekly reviews Elena Maque: Feel Again

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Elena Maque: Feel Again

Saxist and vocalist Elena Maque comes off leading a double life on this album with all stars Scott Kinsey/key, Hadrien Feraud-Michael Glynn-Logan Kane/b, Gary Novak-D’Vonne Lewis/dr, Leonardo Amuedo/g, Brad Dutz/perc, Katisse/fl, Alexey Nikolaev/ts, Darin Clendenin/p and the Seattle String Quartet. With some tasty George Benson-inspired guitar licks in support, she oozes out seduction in both voice and alto sax on an exquisite “Lover Man” and brings in Take 6-ish vocal textures for a clever read of The Beatles’ “And I Love Her”. She’s gloriously melancholic on alto for “Weightless” and bohemian as she sings with Kensy on the Left Banked “Chance”.

Then, there’s the more  pop side of her, fun and frivolous on the Brazilian “Like A Song”, smooth as butter on the R&B’d “Feel Again” and “Hey Friend” while mixing art and mood with strings on the lush “Autumn Rain”. Always upbeat, this album takes you on a wide palate of sounds and destinations.


Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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