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Dred Scott

Rides Alone

Ropeadope, 2019


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An extremely prolific artist, Dred Scott has either played on or been the leader of over 60 albums now, in addition to being a co-founder of the innovative outfit Alphabet Soup.

On Rides Alone, the legend plays all instruments to tunes he penned (minus the lone Eric Crystal track), as the nature-esque elements unfold fluidly from beginning to end.

“Coal Creek Road” starts the listen with keys and light percussion in a shuffling setting that meets classical sounds, and “Wonder” follows with piano acrobatics in a dreamy, reflective setting.

Elsewhere, the tumbling sounds of “Remember, PN” where elegance and a cinematic quality are in attendance, flows with a timeless quality, while “Consolations” has pop sensibilities and synth invading the soothing yet playful album highlight. “Goodbye, America” ends the listen cautious yet adventurous with restrained melodies and a skilled, universal appeal that permeates the entire affair.

Although most of us know Scott as a piano player, he’s remarkable with bass, drums and shaker, too, showing us just how versatile he can be on this fantastic piano focused record.

Travels well with: Bari Koral Family Rock BandThe Apple Tree & The Honey Bee; Sasha DobsonInto The Trees

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