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Dred Scott: Rides Alone

Dred Scott plays all of the instruments here, namely piano, bass, keyboards, drums and shaker for this collection of eight original themes. It’s difficult to tell which one he’s most comfortable with, as there is no weak link in the ensemble moments. His drums brush with a forward  pulsating restlessness on the melodic journey of “Coal Creed Rald” and his bass line gallops along the landscape to Scott’s rich chords of “Wonder.” He gives a New Orlean-ish stride to the funky blues of “Gateway” and is frisky along with the brushes on the Crescent City’d “Wild Turkeys.” Most jazzy is his post bopper “Flying Bighorn” that is nudged along by his deft ride cymbal, while the thematic “Remember, PN” has a panoramic scope. He rides off into the sunset on the glowing “Goodbye, America” making the music on this Dred Scott decision a good one.


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