DIVA JAZZ ORCHESTRA – Rolling Stone recognizes DIVA

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DIVA Jazz Orchestra was one of the featured performers at the 2018 Newport Jazz Festival.
Rolling Stone writer Hank Shteamer included DIVA in his 14 Best Things We Saw Article



DIVA Jazz Orchestra Update the Big-Band Legacy
As in jazz as a whole, big bands once reigned at Newport; now, they’re in the extreme minority. Drummer Sherrie Maricle’s long-running all-female 15-piece band, which opened the main stage on Friday, harks back to the golden era of the large ensemble but with an admirable emphasis on original material. Their set, which focused on pieces from their 2017 album 25th Anniversary Project, was a tight, bravura blast, with highlights including clarinetist Janelle Reichman’s Latin-meets-klezmer concerto “Middleground” and Roxy Coss’ impressively agile tenor sax solo over whitewater arrangements on trombonist Sara Jacovino’s “Darkness of the Matter.” Maricle played a mostly supportive role, but her thunderous old-school drum breaks heightened the overall vibe of timeless craft and showmanship.



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