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DIVA 2022

DIVA Jazz Orchestra takes on Broadway’s Big Hits

DIVA Jazz Orchestra returns with their latest album, “DIVA Swings Broadway.” The long-running jazz group kicks off the celebration for album with performances at Dizzy’s. The performances began Mar. 17, 2022 but will run until Mar. 20, 2022. The album exemplifies the idea that so many Broadway musicals have become jazz standards.The Broadway-inspired work by The DIVA Jazz Orchestra and their special guests puts a swinging twist on classics that audiences have been singing along with for decades.

DIVA Jazz Orchestra: a unique spin on classics

Perhaps some audiences will remember The DIVA Jazz Orchestra’s Christmas album from Christmas 2021. That release was another example of the group putting their at turns groovy, soulful, or swinging twist on classic songs. Audiences looking for something new for their jazz collection, or those who are new to jazz altogether, should definitely check out this stellar release from The DIVA Jazz Orchestra.

Among the songs that are given the DIVA Jazz treatment are “Pure Imagination,” “The Sound of Music,” “Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin’,” and “Seventy-Six Trombones,” among others. The song titles alone evoke the popular choruses, and in the stylings of The DIVA Jazz Orchestra, they become even more memorable, if such is possible.

DIVA Jazz Orchestra stands out as a performance group because of the energy and sheer talent that the group contains.

DIVA Jazz Orchestra: a brief history

The story of The DIVA Jazz Orchestra dates back almost 30 years. Their debut performance was met with critical and popular acclaim, no small feat for performers in any genre. The list of places the group performed at early in their careers is testament to the level of achievement the group possessed. Places such as Carnegie Hall, Dizzy’s Club, Lincoln Center, Symphony Halls in St. Louis, and many other renowned performance spaces were host to DIVA Jazz Orchestra, and in those moments, audiences were allowed to hear firsthand the talent and verve of the group.

From 2013 until 2020, The DIVA Jazz Orchestra the group was featured in Maurice Hine’s “Tappin’ Through Life,” an autobiographical musical. The musical’s was performed throughout the United States, allowing more and more audiences to be introduced to the jazz stylings of DIVA Jazz Orchestra.

DIVA Jazz Orchestra has shared stages with notables from throughout the world of music. Nancy Wilson, Joe Williams, Rosemary Clooney, Terry Gibbs, Dave Brubeck, Jack Jones, among many others.

The DIVA Jazz Orchestra has upcoming performances at Dizzy’s Club Mar. 18-20, 2022. Find out more about The DIVA Jazz Orchestra, their history, performances, and more at https://divajazz.com.

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