Deline Briscoe is reviewed by Take Effect with her new release Wawu

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Deline Briscoe


Deline Briscoe


Gaba, 2019


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Deline Briscoe

Though this is Deline Briscoe’s debut solo album, the songstress has an impressive resume that includes widespread touring for a decade with Australia’s leading Performing Arts Company, Black Arm Band.

Here, along with an esteemed band and several guest artists, Briscoe tells the story of four generations of women from one family, and does so with highly skilled fusion.

The title track starts the listen with sparkling keys and Briscoe’s elegant singing in Yalanji, and “Heartbeat” follows with finger snapping as multiple voices add to the soothing tune that touches on gospel.

Near the middle, “Ignorance Is Bliss” recruits spirited keys and soft horns on a melodic jazz setting, and “Trust Us” follows with flowing rhythm and gorgeous singing amid the lush atmosphere. “Ngadijina”, one of the album’s best, then places spoken word over calm vocal cooing.

Near the end, “All Things Broken” puts Paul Coyle’s trumpet prowess on display in the cautious delivery, and “Need Your Love” exits the listen bare and powerful, with a massive amount of beauty present.

It’s pretty hard to tell if Wawu is a jazz, soul, funk or R&B album. Most likely, it’s somewhere in the realm of World Music that’s truly unclassifiable and unfolds with a mesmerizing quality that you won’t soon forget.

Travels well with: Lauryn HillThe Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill; Janelle MonaeThe Electric Lady

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