Music Man reviews David Larsen, “Deviate From Standards”

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by Robert Nicosia

CD Review: David Larsen, “Deviate From Standards”

Multi-talented David Larsen is one of only a few superb Baritone Sax players recording these days.  But David Larsen’s talents don’t stop at Baritone Sax.  David is an exceptionally good composer.  His compositions have won many awards and has been performed and recorded by a wide variety of groups around the US and abroad.  He is also a noted educator who is currently the director of instrumental studies at Spokane Falls Community College.  He holds a PhD from Washington State University and degrees from Pacific University, University of Oregon and Western Oregon University.

This CD was started as a COVID-19 escape and you will see the four players performing in the first “YouTube” song, “He Who Getz The Last Laugh” all in separate spaces.  David credits the compositions on this CD originated from his life experiences in the last four years of his life.  During these four years he earned his doctoral degree and had more exposure to Jazz composers from a variety of eras and genres.

Composing music has never been easy but David Larsen makes it look easy.  His compositions are new and creative but still are anchored in the tradition of great Jazz composers of the past.

I have attached two videos from “YouTube” for your listening pleasure.  The first one is titled, “Who Getz The Last Laugh” and David wrote this as a nod to the great Stan Getz.  It’s a sparkling composition and the video shows the group in action.  The second cut is “Augmented Reality” that features Jazz master Ken Peplowski on Clarinet.  I think you will like both of these David Larsen originals.

David Larsen- Baritone & Tenor Saxophone. Compositions
Brendan McMurphy- Trumpet, Flugel Horn and Drums
Greg Yasinitsky- Tenor & Baritone Saxophone (Tracks 1,9)
Ken Peplowski- Clarinet (Track 3)
Kate Skinner- Piano & Keyboards (Tracks 1,3,5,8,9)
Danny McCollim- Keyboards (Tracks 2,4,6,7)
Josh Skinner- Bass (Tracks 1,3,5,8,9)
Nick Isherwood- Bass (Tracks 2,4,6,7)
1. A New Thing Comin’
2. Smoke Screen
3. Augmented Reality
4. Family
5. He Who Getz The Last Laugh
6. See You at 8
7. Into The Light
8. Into The Mild
9. Tensai
Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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