Jersey Jazz (June Edition) reviews David Larsen, G2 and You

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David Larsen


June Edition
by Joseph Lang

David Larsen

Saxophonist DAVID LARSEN’s primary instrument is the baritone sax but also plays a mean tenor sax.  He has recently released two albums, Deviate from Standards (DLP) and G2 and You (G2 Records).

The first is a collection of original compositions by Larsen where he is supported by Brendan McMurphy on trumpet, flugelhorn and drums, either Danny McCollim on keyboards and Nick Isherwood on bass, or Kate Skinner on piano or keyboards and Josh Skinner on bass, with guest appearances by Greg Yasinitsky on baritone and tenor saxes and Ken Peplowski on clarinet.  Larsen’s tunes and arrangements are immediately welcoming.

The other album is a compilation of two Eps, G2 and You and Bright Days.  Larsen’s baritone is accompanied by Danny McCollim on keyboards, Josh Skinner on bass and Brendan McMurphy on drums.  Each EP had four songs, two standards and two Larsen originals.  Larsen’s original material stands up well with standards like “Angel Eyes,” “In Your Own Sweet Way,” “Autumn Leaves” and “Come Rain or Come Shine.”  Larsen is a significant voice on baritone sax.  He has a lovely sound and a natural swing.

Both of these albums contain wonderful mainstream jazz that bears repeated listening.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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