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David Larsen

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release (October 1, 2021), Deviate from Standards, from David Larsen and it’s primarily built around a modified old school style without the blazing brass section. Opening with A New Thing Comin’, David Larsen on tenor and bari sax leads the way, paired with Greg Yasinitsky on tenor and bari sax as well and backed by Kate Skinner on keys, Josh Skinner on bass and Brendan McMurphy on drums. With tasty soloing by David and Greg and a nice piano run by Ken, a solid opener. Smoke Screen is a driving jam with nice extended lead lines by Larsen and and Danny McCollim on keys as well as the  the addition of McMurphy on trumpet and Nick Isherwood on bass. With it’s walking bass line by Skinner, He Who Getz The Last Laugh is a real cool track. Larsen sets a real nice statement with his fluid lines and rich tone and Skinner takes a few bars on bass solo really setting this off. Very nice. With a lot of swing, Into The Mild shows Larsen laying in some really meaty lead sax lines over the pouncing piano of Skinner. Stretching out over 7 minutes, Skinner and Larsen trade off the spotlight, punctuated by tidy drum riffs by McMurphy. Wrapping the release is Tensai with some of Larsen’s most aggressive playing on the release. Solid closer for a cool release.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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