BMan’s Blues Report reviews David Finck, BASSic Instinct

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David Finck


by BMan

Burton Avenue Music – David Finck – BASSic Instinct – New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, BASSic Instinct, by David Finck, and it’s got a cool underlying Brazilian jazz feel. Opening with title track, BASSic Instinct, David Finck on bass is joined by Quinn Johnson on keys, Teo Lima on drums, Ryan Quigley on trumpet, Mike Davis on trombone and in includes strong solo work by Finck and Andy Snitzer on tenor sax. Excellent opener.  Dearly Beloved had a terrific salsa rhythm, with Finck soloing on bass and Snitzer again running a great solo lead on sax and strong contributions by Johnson on piano, Kevin Winard on drums and percussion, Davis with a wicked solo on trombone and Barry Danielian on trumpet. Very strong. Bateu, Levou/Who’s Wrong or Right? features Teka Penteriche and Trist Curless on great lead vocal. This is a terrific track that should get hard radio play based on melody and vocal only and it also includes strong instrumental backing by Nelson Faria on guitar, Johnson on piano, Winard on drums Laura Conwesser on flute and including a nice bass solo by Finck. Soon It’s Gonna Rain, is a very nice quieter piece with Finck bowing his bass as well as providing clean articulate bass lead working nicely with Johnson on piano, Bob Mann on guitar and Cliff Almond on drums. Meg Ruby sets the pace on piano lead on Tico Tico No Fuba’ and with a strong bass solo by Finck, light guitar by Nelson Faria and Winard on percussion, very satisfying. Classic jazz piece, I’m Confessin’ (That I Love You) gives Finck and Mann plenty of space to lead and solo over just the right amount of drums by Almond. Very nice. Wrapping the release is ballad, I Remember, featuring Melissa Errico on lead vocal, Finck on bass and Tedd Firth on piano. A classic jazz ballad for a really entertaining release.

Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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