JPs Music Log reviews David Finck, BASSic Instinct

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David Finck


by James Paskinsky

Jazz Artist David Finck Shows Us His “BASSic Instinct”

Acclaimed jazz bassist David Finck returns with a new set of songs titled “BASSic Instinct.” This new album quickly follows on the heels of his 2019 release “BASSically Jazz” and features a mix of originals and jazz standards, beginning with the up-tempo, modern jazz vibe of the title track “Bassic Instinct.” David wastes no time showcasing his skills on the bass during his cover of Irving Berlin’s “The Best Thing For You (Would Be Me),” which also features some great piano work by Tedd Firth. The energy continues to flow through the band’s rendition of “Dearly Beloved,” before delivering the samba rhythm of “Bateu, Levou/Who’s Wrong Or Right?,” featuring vocals from Teka Penterichie and Trist Curless.David takes a step back for the ballad “Seascape,” which includes just himself on bass and Meg Ruby on piano to delivery this lovely melody. Finck then brings his entire 9-piece band together for the R&B touch of “So What,” before finishing his new album with the upbeat, swinging sounds of “Tico Tico No Fuba” and the elegant original ballad “I Remember,” featuring Melissa Errico on vocals and Tedd Firth once again on piano. To find out more about David Finck and his latest release “BASSic Instinct,” please visit

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