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David Boswell


David Boswell: The Story Behind The Story







David Boswell mixes acoustic, electric and synth guitars to lead a post bop team of Mitchel Forman/p, MB Gordy/dr, Jimmy Haslip/b, Scott Kinsey/p-key, Gary Novak/dr, Otmaro Ruiz/p-key, Bart Samilis/b and Andy Snitzer/sax through a collection of originals. Much of the time, be it acoustic, electric or mixed, Boswell displays a lyricism and pulse that feels like he’s imbibed from Pat Metheny’s well, as he gallops with joy on “Miraculous” , is acoustically reverent and traditional on “Prayer for the Planet” or chimes with a cantor on “Los Olivos”. The team gets funky on ‘Alta” with the staccato pulse on the title track uplifting in harmonies and drive. Boswell’s use of acoustic strings is ethereal, folksy on “The Sun and Moon” and taking you on a sojourn during “A Los Angeles Minute”. A nice extension of Metheny’s shadow going in the right direction.



Kari Gaffney

Kari Gaffney

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